Rim Code Size Gr. Wt Type Package
28 DZ 2.75-18 Rear 3.700 TT 6
37 DZ 3.00-17 Rear 3.800 TT 6
38 DZ 3.00-18 Rear 4.000 TT 6

Motorcycle Rear TubeType Tyre DAZ Series 2.75-18 Features

  • Excellent road grip for ensuring safe driving
  • Superb mileage due to cooler ruinning
  • Excellent carcass strength and durability with enhanced tyre life
  • Excellent water channeling for driving safety

DAZ Series Two Wheeler Rear Tyre 3.00-17/3.00-18 TubeType Features

  • Sharp cornering capability
  • Enhanced dry and wet grip
  • Excellent water channeling for safer riding
  • Low rolling noise
  • Superb mileage due to cooler ruinning

Motorcycle Rear TubeType Tyre DAZ Pattern 2.50-16 Size Features

  • Excellent road grip ensuring safe driving
  • Enhanced mileage due to cooler running
  • Excellent water channeling for safe riding
  • Excellent stability on uneven road

Unleashing Precision with the DZ/DAZ Series

Dolfin Rubber Ltd. proudly introduces the DZ/DAZ Series, a pinnacle of innovation in Two-Wheeler Tyre manufacturing, exporting, and wholesale supply in India. As a leading name in the industry, we cater exclusively to businesses seeking top-notch quality at wholesale prices. The DZ/DAZ Series exemplifies our dedication to precision and performance, ensuring a seamless riding experience for every motorcycle enthusiast.

Key Features of DZ/DAZ Series Two Wheeler Tyre:

  • Advanced Tread Design: The DZ/DAZ Series boasts an advanced tread design that enhances grip, stability, and maneuverability on various terrains. Whether you're navigating urban streets or exploring off-road trails, these Two-Wheeler Tyres deliver unmatched performance.
  • Durability at its Core: Engineered with durability in mind, our DZ/DAZ Series is built to withstand the rigors of diverse riding conditions. Businesses can trust in the longevity of these tires, providing customers with a reliable and enduring choice.

Elevate your wholesale inventory with Dolfin Rubber Ltd.'s DZ/DAZ Series Two-Wheeler Tyres, where cutting-edge technology meets the road for an unparalleled riding experience.