Rim Code Size Gr. Wt Valve Pcs/Bag Pcs/Box
B027 2.75/3.00-17 0.480 TR-29 25 75
B037 3.00-17 0.500 TR-29 25 75
B018 2.50/2.75-18 0.480 TR-29 25 75
B028 2.75/3.00-18 0.500 TR-29 25 75
B038 3.00-18 0.540 TR-29 25 75
B328 3.00/3.25-18 0.590 TR-29 25 75
B036 3.25/3.50-16 100/90-16 0.520 TR-29 25 75
B358 3.50-18 4.00/4.10-18 0.690 TR-29 20 60
B039 3.00/3.25/3.50-19 0.640 TR-29 20 60
B097 100/90-17 90/90-17 0.690 TR-29 20 60
B098 100/90-18 90/90-18 0.690 TR-29 20 60
B120 120/130 80-16 0.765 TR-29 20 60
B130 130/140 90-15 150/70-15 0.810 TR-29 20 60
B140 140 60/70-17 150/60-17 0.880 TR-29 20 60
B117 120 80/90-17 130 70/80-17 0.810 TR-29 20 60
B118 120/130 80-18 140/70-18 0.850 TR-29 20 60
B019 90/90-19 0.640 TR-29 20 60
B119 100/110 90-19 0.740 TR-29 20 60
B121 80/100-21 90/90-21 2.75/3.00-21 0.740 TR-29 20 60

Elevating Riding Experiences Worldwide with Premium Motorcycle Tubes

Dolfin Rubbers takes pride in being a premier manufacturer, exporter, and wholesale supplier of top-quality Motorcycle Tubes, delivering exceptional performance and durability. Our extensive range of tubes is meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the diverse needs of riders worldwide.

Motorcycle Tubes Key Features:

  • Diverse Sizes: From 2.75/3.00-17 to 80/100-21, our tubes cover an extensive range of sizes, ensuring compatibility with various motorcycle rims and tire specifications.
  • Precision Engineering: Each tube is crafted with precision and expertise, ensuring optimal performance, durability, and resilience across different terrains.
  • Reliable Valve Options: Featuring TR-29 valves, our tubes provide reliable air retention and efficient pressure maintenance for a smooth riding experience.
  • Thoughtful Packaging: Packaged conveniently in bags and boxes containing 25 and 75 pieces respectively, our tubes offer ease of storage and transportation.

We don't just meet industry standards; we exceed them. Dolfin Rubbers' commitment to excellence extends globally. While catering to the Indian market, we take pride in supplying our top-notch products to various international destinations including South America, Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Europe.

Our tubes undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure they meet stringent standards before reaching you. Whether you're a distributor seeking reliable products or a rider aiming for enhanced performance and durability, Dolfin Rubbers' Motorcycle Tubes are your ultimate choice.

Experience the reliability, performance, and durability that riders worldwide trust. Elevate your riding experience with Dolfin Rubbers' premium Motorcycle Tubes, designed for excellence and engineered for your satisfaction.

FAQs About Motorcycle Tubes

Can I purchase Motorcycle Tubes Wholesale for bulk orders?

Yes, Dolfin Rubbers offer Motorcycle Tubes at wholesale prices for bulk orders. Contact us or distributors directly to inquire about wholesale pricing and terms.

What are the advantages of sourcing Motorcycle Tubes from Dolfin Rubbers in India?

Sourcing Motorcycle Tubes from Dolfin Rubbers, one of the leading manufacturers in India can offer benefits such as competitive pricing, a wide range of product options, and access to a robust manufacturing industry with expertise in automotive components.

What are the benefits of using Motorcycle Tubes over tubeless tyres?

Motorcycle Tubes offer advantages such as easier repair in case of punctures, lower initial cost, and compatibility with a wide range of rims. Additionally, tubes can provide added support and stability, especially in heavy-duty applications.

Are there any specific storage recommendations for Motorcycle Tubes?

To ensure the longevity of Motorcycle Tubes during storage, store them in a clean, dry environment away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Avoid storing tubes near sharp objects or chemicals that may cause damage, and periodically inspect them for signs of deterioration or degradation.

Are Motorcycle Tubes compatible with all types of motorcycle tyres?

Motorcycle Tubes are designed to be compatible with various types of tyres, including bias-ply and radial tyres. However, it's essential to ensure that the tube size matches the tyre size and type for optimal performance.