Rim Code Size Gr. Wt Valve Pcs/Bag Pcs/Box
B078 F 78-15 7.00 R-15 H78-15 1.510 TR-13 10 30
B075 6.70/7.00-15 1.510 TR-13 10 30
B75L 6.70-6.00-15 (LV) 1.510 AB-1582 10 30
B085 7.50/8.25-15 1.600 TR-13/75A 10 10
B070 7.00 R-16 1.520 TR-15 10 30
B70L 7.00-16 (LV) 1.520 AB-1528 10 30
B077 7.50-16 (SV) 1.800 TR-15 10 10
B076 7.50-16 8.25-16 (LV) 1.800 AB-1582 10 10
B76R 7.50 R-16 1.800 AB-1582 10 10
B086 8.25-16 (Heavy Duty) 1.860 AB-1582 10 10
B096 9.00-16 2.775 AB-1582 6 6

Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) & Tractor Trailer Tubes

Dolfin Rubbers stands tall as a premier manufacturer, exporter, and wholesale supplier of top-notch Light Commercial Vehicle Tubes (LCV Tubes) and Tractor Trailer Tubes, delivering unparalleled quality and reliability. These tyre tubes come in various specifications to cater to diverse vehicle requirements, ensuring optimal performance on the road.

Tractor Trailer Tubes Key Features:

  • Wide Size Range: From F 78-15 to 9.00-16, Dolfin Rubbers offers a comprehensive range of sizes to suit different vehicle models.
  • Variety of Valves: Equipped with TR-13, AB-1582, TR-15, and other valve types, ensuring compatibility with various wheel configurations.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with precision and using high-quality materials, these tubes boast resilience and endurance, perfect for both light and heavy-duty applications.
  • Global Reach: Dolfin Rubbers not only caters to the Indian market but also supplies its superior Tyres and Tubes globally, reaching South America, Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Europe, and more.

The meticulous detailing of Rim Code, Size, Gross Weight, Valve type, and packaging quantity demonstrates Dolfin Rubbers' commitment to precision and customer satisfaction. Whether for personal or commercial use, these tubes guarantee performance, longevity, and safety on every journey.

Unmatched Quality for Global Roads

Dolfin Rubbers prides itself on its commitment to excellence. Each tube undergoes stringent quality checks, ensuring they meet international standards. From traversing the bustling streets of India to the rugged terrains of Africa or the highways of Europe, these tubes ensure a smooth and safe ride.

With Dolfin Rubbers, you're not just purchasing tubes; you're investing in reliability, durability, and performance. Join the league of satisfied customers worldwide who have experienced the unmatched quality and reliability of Dolfin Rubbers' Light Commercial Vehicle and Tractor Trailer Tubes.