Premium Tyres Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier in India for Every Vehicle

Dolfin Rubbers Limited's top-of-the-line tyres are designed to elevate your driving experience across a wide range of vehicles. Whether it is two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four wheeler or tractor, our exceptional quality tyres deliver unmatched performance and reliability.

For two-wheelers, our RB/RID SERIES TYRES are engineered to provide exceptional grip and control, ensuring your safety on the road. Experience smooth rides and enhanced manoeuvrability with the ZR/ZEN SERIES TYRES, while the MZ/MEZ SERIES TYRES offer unbeatable durability to withstand challenging terrains. The GP/AXE SERIES TYRES combine agility and stability for an exhilarating ride, while the NG/NEK SERIES TYRES boast superior traction and braking capabilities.

Looking for reliability and longevity? Look no further than DZ/DAZ SERIES TYRES. Engineered for longevity, they offer exceptional performance throughout their lifespan. The YK/YAK SERIES TYRES provide excellent grip, giving you the confidence to conquer any road conditions.

Being as one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and wholesale suppliers of tyres in India, our CP/COP SERIES TYRES are designed for optimum comfort, ensuring a smooth and peaceful ride. For three-wheelers and e-rickshaws, the ZOR/SL SERIES TYRES offer exceptional stability and handling, while the SV SERIES TYRES provide outstanding durability and traction. When it comes to tractors, our DH SERIES TYRES for the front axle are built to withstand rugged terrains, offering excellent steering control and superior grip.

Experience the difference with Dolfin Rubbers Limited's premium tyres. Elevate your driving experience with enhanced safety, control, and durability. Choose the best quality tyres made in India for your vehicle and enjoy the journey with confidence.

Tyre Technical Specification

Tread Design Tyres Enhancing Grip, Safety, and Comfort

Dolfin Rubbers specializes in offering Tread Design Tyres. The tread pattern plays a pivotal role in providing exceptional traction and optimal handling characteristics. To achieve superior performance, we employ state-of-the-art computer-aided design (CAD) software to meticulously develop and refine our tread patterns. These intricately engineered designs are optimized to enhance grip on diverse road surfaces, facilitate efficient water dispersion to prevent hydroplaning, and minimize noise levels. Our commitment to innovation and precision ensures that our Tread Design Tyres deliver an unparalleled driving experience, combining safety, durability, and comfort on the road.

Specialized Rubber Compounds Tailored for Optimal Performance

Dolfin Rubbers excels in the development of specialized rubber compounds meticulously crafted to cater to specific applications. Our team skillfully blends these compounds with a precise combination of additives and fillers, strategically tailoring them to achieve desired characteristics such as exceptional grip, optimized rolling resistance, impressive wear resistance, and reliable temperature resilience. In the realm of high-performance tires, we focus on incorporating softer compounds to enhance grip and elevate overall performance. Conversely, our all-season or eco-friendly tires are designed with a deliberate emphasis on maximizing fuel efficiency and ensuring extended longevity. At Dolfin Rubbers, our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation enables us to deliver rubber compounds that consistently surpass industry standards, empowering our customers with superior performance and unrivaled reliability.

Uninterrupted Safety and Convenience: Dolfin Rubbers' Running Tires Supporting Vehicles Even After Puncture

Dolfin Rubbers presents Running Tires, meticulously engineered to provide uninterrupted support for a vehicle even in the event of a puncture. These cutting-edge tires are specifically designed to enable drivers to continue driving at a reduced speed for a certain distance, ensuring enhanced safety and convenience. Distinguished by their reinforced sidewalls and specialized heat-resistant rubber compounds, our Running Tires offer remarkable resilience and stability when deflated. This innovative feature significantly reduces the risk of accidents and provides drivers with peace of mind during unexpected tire incidents. At Dolfin Rubbers, we prioritize both safety and reliability, and our Running Tires exemplify our commitment to delivering exceptional performance and ensuring a smooth and secure driving experience.

Fuel Efficiency Redefined: Dolfin Rubbers' Tyres with Low Rolling Resistance

Dolfin Rubbers presents Tyres with Low Rolling Resistance, a testament to our commitment to fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability. Recognizing the growing concerns surrounding these issues, we have diligently focused on minimizing rolling resistance in our tyre designs. By reducing rolling resistance, we effectively decrease the energy required to propel the vehicle forward, leading to notable reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Our dedicated pursuit of this objective is realized through the integration of advanced tread designs, innovative rubber compounds, and cutting-edge construction techniques. Through these meticulous efforts, we strive to provide tyres that optimize performance while simultaneously minimizing their environmental impact. At Dolfin Rubbers, we are proud to contribute to a greener future by offering Tyres with Low Rolling Resistance that exemplify our unwavering commitment to fuel efficiency and sustainability.

Quiet Comfort on the Road: Minimizing Tyre Noise for a Pleasurable Drive

Dolfin Rubbers proudly presents Tyres with Noise Reduction, addressing the issue of unwanted noise generated by tires, especially during driving, which can cause discomfort. With a steadfast commitment to providing a serene driving experience, we have pioneered advanced technologies to minimize noise generation. Through meticulous tread pattern optimization and the utilization of enhanced materials, we significantly reduce noise levels, ensuring a quieter and more enjoyable driving experience for our customers. Our tire designs prioritize not only performance but also comfort, and our Tyres with Noise Reduction exemplify our unwavering dedication to delivering superior quality and customer satisfaction.

FAQs About Tyres for Two/Three Wheeler, E-Rickshaw, Tractor

Q1. What makes Dolfin Rubbers a leading two/three wheeler tyre manufacturer?

Ans. Dolfin Rubbers holds a prominent position in the two/three wheeler tyre manufacturing industry due to its commitment to consistent Quality excellence through continual focus on R&D along with Product Innovation to meet and exceed current and future needs and expectations of global customers for making safe, durable, reliable and environment friendly tyres across various terrains with our rich expertise in tyre production, cutting-edge technology implementation and an extensive domestic and global distribution network.

Q2. How does Dolfin Rubbers ensure the quality of its tyres?

Ans. Dolfin Rubbers places a paramount emphasis on the consistent Quality of its tyres, employing a meticulous quality assurance process in all functional areas with TQM ( Total Quality Management) & TPM (Total Productive Management )  approach addressing Customer( Both INTERNAL & EXTERNAL ) First with involvement of employees at all levels through skill enhancement training along with zero accident/zero defect/zero breakdown philosophy.

  • Rigorous testing procedures along with stringent process control: Each tyre undergoes stringent testing procedures to ensure durability, performance, and safety.
  • Use of high-grade raw materials: Dolfin Rubbers sources top-tier raw materials, contributing to the overall consistent Quality and longevity of its tyres.
  • Adherence to international quality standards: Our Tyre Companies in India complies with and often exceeds international quality standards ( ISO/E-MARK/BIS/GULF STD), reinforcing its commitment to producing world-class tyres with customer pleasing consistent Quality.

Q3. What distinguishes Dolfin Rubbers in the domain of E-Rickshaw Tyres and Tractor Tyres?

Ans. Dolfin Rubbers specializes in crafting Fuel efficient, high mileage & high-traction tyres specifically designed for E-Rickshaws. Our tractor tyres offer exceptional grip, enhanced longevity with customer pleasing hassle-free performance .

Q4. What sets Dolfin Rubbers apart from other tyre manufacturers in India?

Ans. Dolfin Rubbers distinguishes itself from competitors through a combination of factors that focus on safety, durability, reliability, and customer-centricity.

  • Innovative tyre designs and technology: The Company continuously strives for innovation, introducing cutting-edge designs and technologies to meet evolving customer preferences.
  • Focus on sustainable manufacturing practices: Dolfin Rubbers prioritizes sustainable practices, ensuring that its manufacturing processes have minimal environmental impact.
  • Customer-oriented approach and after-sales service: The Tyre Company in India places a strong emphasis on customer delight , providing consistent Quality with  exceptionally prompt after-sales service and support.

Q5. Can Dolfin Rubbers cater to the diverse needs of global markets?

Ans. Yes, Dolfin Rubbers is well-equipped to cater to the diverse needs of global markets, offering a comprehensive range of tyres to suit various terrains and vehicles.

Q6. How does Dolfin Rubbers contribute to sustainability?

Ans. Dolfin Rubbers is deeply committed to sustainability, implementing various initiatives and practices to minimize carbon footprint.

  • Use of eco-friendly materials: The Company incorporates eco-friendly materials in its tyre production process, promoting sustainability throughout the supply chain.
  • Energy-efficient manufacturing processes: Dolfin Rubbers adopts energy-efficient manufacturing practices, reducing its overall energy consumption and environmental impact backed up by partial in-house consumption of Solar energy.
  • Recycling and waste management programs: Our one of the leading tyre companies in India actively engages in recycling and waste management programs, contributing to a circular economy within the tyre production cycle.

Q7. What is Dolfin Rubbers' global presence as a wholesale supplier?

Ans. Dolfin Rubbers has a strong global presence, distributing high-quality tyres across multiple countries including India, USA, Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE, Saudi Arabia, European Countries and others through consistent customer pleasing Quality, efficient logistics and timely delivery mechanisms.