E-Rickshaw Tyre ZOR/SL

Rim Code Size Gr. Wt Type Package
91 ZO 90/90-12 2.920 TT 8
32 ZO 3.75-12 3.100 TT 6
32 SL 3.75-12 3.400 TT 6

E-Rickshaw Rear Tubetype Tyre SL Pattern 3.75-12 Size Features

  • Low rolling resistance for our e-rickshaw tyres causing more mileage per charge ensuring trouble free safe journey
  • Superb mileage due to cooler ruinning
  • Reinforced carcass for withstanding high initial torque
  • Eco friendly for environmental protection
  • Enhanced wet and dry grip

E-Rickshaw Rear Tubetype Tyre ZOR Pattern 3.75-12 Size Features

  • Reinforced carcass for withstanding high initial torque
  • Low rolling resistance for our e-rickshaw tyres causing more mileage per charge ensuring trouble free safe journey
  • High mileage tread compound to withstand instant initial torque for our e-rickshaw tyres to have extended tyre life
  • High grip and cornering stability
  • Eco friendly for environmental protection

Powering Green Mobility with ZOR/SL Series E-Rickshaw Tyres

Dolfin Rubber Ltd. takes the lead in revolutionizing green mobility with the ZOR/SL Series E-Rickshaw Tyres for Three Wheelers. As a distinguished manufacturer, exporter, and wholesale supplier of Three wheeler tyres in India, we are committed to providing high-quality tires tailored to meet the demands of electric rickshaws. The ZOR/SL Series embodies our dedication to sustainability, offering a reliable and efficient solution for businesses involved in the electric rickshaw ecosystem.

Key Features of Three Wheeler Tyre for E-Rickshaw:

  • Optimized Traction: The ZOR/SL Series is designed with an emphasis on optimized traction, ensuring smooth and reliable rides for E-rickshaws even in challenging terrains. The tread pattern enhances grip, promoting safety and stability.
  • Wholesale Affordability: Dolfin Rubber Ltd. understands the economic considerations of businesses. The ZOR/SL Series comes at a competitive wholesale price, allowing businesses to invest in environmentally friendly transportation without breaking the bank.

Choose Dolfin Rubber Ltd. for your wholesale E-rickshaw Tyre needs, and join the movement towards sustainable and efficient mobility with the ZOR/SL Series.

FAQs About E-Rickshaw Tyre

Why choose Dolfin Rubbers for E-Rickshaw tyres?

Dolfin Rubbers specializes in providing durable, high-performance E-Rickshaw tyres that are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in urban and rural environments, ensuring safety and longevity.

What global regions do Dolfin Rubbers serve with their E-Rickshaw tyres?

Dolfin Rubbers exports E-Rickshaw tyres to diverse markets including India, South America, Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Europe, adapting to varied road conditions and customer needs.

How do Dolfin Rubbers’ E-Rickshaw tyres stand out in the competitive market?

Our E-Rickshaw tyres are manufactured using advanced rubber compounds for better traction, resistance to wear and tear, and improved load-bearing capacity, distinguishing them in global markets.

Can Dolfin Rubbers provide custom E-Rickshaw tyre solutions?

Yes, Dolfin Rubbers offers customized tyre solutions to meet specific regional requirements and customer preferences, including custom tread patterns and sizes. You can discuss in details with our sales team and production team about your requirements.

How does Dolfin Rubbers support new E-Rickshaw tyre dealers?

New dealers receive comprehensive support, including product training, competitive pricing, marketing assistance, and dedicated customer service to facilitate business growth.

What logistical advantages does Dolfin Rubbers offer to E-Rickshaw tyre distributors?

Distributors benefit from Dolfin Rubbers’ streamlined logistics, including efficient packaging, reliable shipping, and real-time inventory management for timely order fulfillment.

How can retailers increase their E-Rickshaw tyre sales with Dolfin Rubbers?

Dolfin Rubbers aids retailers with promotional materials, sales strategies, and seasonal discounts to attract customers and boost sales in competitive markets.

What innovations does Dolfin Rubbers bring to the E-Rickshaw tyre manufacturing process?

Innovation at Dolfin Rubbers includes the integration of eco-friendly manufacturing practices and the development of tyres that offer enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced carbon footprint.

How does Dolfin Rubbers maintain quality across its E-Rickshaw tyre range?

Quality control is paramount, with rigorous testing for durability, performance under load, and road grip to ensure each tyre meets international standards before distribution.

What makes Dolfin Rubbers a preferred partner for E-Rickshaw tyre wholesale?

Our reputation for reliability, extensive product range, and commitment to customer satisfaction make Dolfin Rubbers a top choice for wholesalers looking for long-term partnerships.