TT/TL Tyres for Honda and Suzuki - Revolutionize Your Ride with Dolfin Rubbers

Dolfin Rubbers brings to the market an exceptional range of both TubeType and Tubeless Tyres, specifically designed to cater to the needs of various popular scooter models including the Honda Activa, Honda Aviator, Honda Dio, and a comprehensive lineup of Suzuki scooters. Understanding the vital role tyres play in the safety, performance, and comfort of your ride, Dolfin Rubbers leverages advanced technology and high-quality materials to offer tyres that significantly enhance your two-wheeler's capabilities. Let's explore the unparalleled features and benefits these tyres offer, along with a guide to the universal tyre sizes for each model.

Key Features:

  • Wide Range Compatibility: Tailored for Honda Activa (90/100-10), Honda Aviator (90/100-10), Honda Dio (90/100-10), and a versatile range of Suzuki models, ensuring a perfect match for your scooter.
  • Dual Tyre Options: Choose between TubeType for traditional reliability and Tubeless for advanced performance, puncture resistance, and maintenance ease.
  • Superior Grip and Tread Design: Experience enhanced safety and control with a tread pattern designed for excellent traction on both wet and dry roads.
  • Durability and Comfort: Crafted from premium rubber compounds for extended durability and a smoother ride, reducing vibrations and enhancing rider comfort.

Performance That Speaks Volumes

Dolfin Rubbers’ tyres are engineered to meet the demands of everyday riding and beyond. Whether you opt for the traditional TubeType or the innovative Tubeless tyres, you're guaranteed a product that balances durability with performance. The superior rubber compound used in these tyres not only promises longevity but also provides a level of comfort that absorbs the shocks and bumps of uneven roads, making every journey a pleasure.

Safety Meets Innovation

Safety is at the forefront of Dolfin Rubbers’ design philosophy. With a deep understanding of the diverse Indian roads, these tyres are crafted to offer superior grip and stability, significantly reducing the risk of skidding under wet and dry conditions. This ensures a safer riding experience, giving riders the confidence to navigate any path with ease.

Tyres Manufacturer

Custom Fit for Honda and Suzuki Models

  • Honda Activa Tyres (90/100-10): Enhance your Activa's performance with tyres designed for optimal balance and control.
  • Honda Aviator Tyres (90/100-10): Take to the streets with confidence with tyres that promise durability and a smooth ride.
  • Honda Dio Tyres (90/100-10): Elevate your Dio's agility and safety with tyres tailored for youthful dynamism.
  • Suzuki Tyres: Dolfin Rubbers extends its expertise to a variety of Suzuki models, ensuring a perfect fit and exceptional performance. Key Suzuki models and their universal tyre sizes include:
    • Suzuki Access (90/100-10): Known for its reliability, enhancing it with Dolfin Rubbers’ tyres means unmatched performance.
    • Suzuki Burgman (90/100-10 front, 90/100-10 rear): The Burgman's luxurious ride is further refined with tyres designed for superior grip and comfort.
    • Suzuki Let’s (90/100-10): Light and nimble, the Let’s benefits from tyres that support its spirited performance with enhanced safety.

Dolfin Rubbers’ comprehensive range of TubeType and Tubeless Tyres for Honda Activa, Aviator, Dio, and various Suzuki models embodies the perfect blend of innovation, safety, and performance. Whether you are navigating through busy city streets or enjoying the freedom of the open road, these tyres promise to transform your riding experience, offering peace of mind with every journey. Trust in Dolfin Rubbers to provide the ultimate tyre solution for your two-wheeler, ensuring a ride that is not just about reaching your destination but about enjoying every moment of the journey.