Tyres for Bajaj Bikes: Pulsar, Platina, Boxer, KTM Duke & RC, Dominar

Mastering the Road with Dolfin Rubbers

Dolfin Rubbers proudly extends its premium tyre collection to the dynamic world of Bajaj motorcycles, covering a spectrum of models from the spirited Pulsar series to the robust Boxer, the efficient Platina, and the high-performance KTM range including Duke and RC, as well as the powerful Dominar. These tyres are crafted to meet the unique demands of each model, ensuring optimal performance, safety, and durability. Whether you're navigating the urban landscape or exploring the open road, Dolfin Rubbers has the perfect tyre solution for your Bajaj bike.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Model Coverage: Offering specific sizes for Bajaj models including Pulsar, Platina, Boxer, KTM Duke, KTM RC, Dominar, and more.
  • Advanced Grip Technology: Engineered for maximum traction on both wet and dry surfaces, enhancing rider safety and control.
  • Long-lasting Durability: Made with superior rubber compounds for increased tyre life and resistance to wear.
  • Enhanced Riding Comfort: Designed to absorb road vibrations, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Precision Fit for Bajaj Models

Bajaj Pulsar Tyres: The Pulsar series, known for its sportiness and agility, is matched with tyres that enhance its dynamic performance. Sizes vary across models, with common sizes including:

  • Pulsar 150/180 (90/90-17 front, 120/80-17 rear): Balancing speed and stability with precision-engineered tyres.

Bajaj Platina Tyres: For the Platina, known for its efficiency and comfort, Dolfin Rubbers offers:

  • Platina (2.75-17 front, 3.00-17 rear): Ensuring a smooth ride with durable and reliable tyres.

Bajaj Boxer Tyres: The rugged Boxer benefits from tyres designed for resilience and durability:

  • Boxer (2.75-17 front, 3.00-17 rear): Perfect for handling tough conditions and heavy loads.

KTM Duke and RC Tyres: Embracing the thrill of KTM bikes, Dolfin Rubbers provides tyres that complement their high-performance nature:

  • Duke 200/250/390 (110/70-R17 front, 150/60-R17 rear)
  • RC 200/390 (110/70-R17 front, 150/60-R17 rear): Engineered for precision handling and superior control at high speeds.

Bajaj Dominar Tyres: The Dominar's power and presence on the road are amplified with tyres designed for long-distance comfort and performance:

  • Dominar 400 (110/70-R17 front, 150/60-R17 rear): Enhancing grip and stability for adventurous rides.

Additional Bajaj Models: Dolfin Rubbers is committed to offering a wide range of tyre sizes to fit various Bajaj models, ensuring every rider finds the perfect match for their motorcycle.

Tyres for Bajaj Bikes

Bajaj Bikes Tyre

Dolfin Rubbers’ dedication to quality and performance shines through its tailored tyre offerings for Bajaj motorcycles. From the city streets to the highways, Bajaj bike owners can trust Dolfin Rubbers for tyres that deliver superior grip, durability, and riding comfort. Elevate your Bajaj motorcycle experience with tyres that are built to conquer the challenges of the road, ensuring every journey is as exhilarating as it is safe. With Dolfin Rubbers, riders are equipped to unleash the full potential of their Bajaj bikes, making every ride an unforgettable adventure.